Hello KMPlayer Mac users ! 
KMPlayer for Mac is updated with more convenient functions!

[KMPlayer X 0.1.10 Update Feature]
1. Updated Snapshot feature (Key frame unit -> playing screen)
2. Added playback control bar in full-screen mode
3. Added keyboard shortcut (speed)
command + = faster
command + - slower
command + 0 original speed
4. Added OSD (On-screen display) feature
5. Drag & Drop is available while video is playing
6. Application is available to move while video is playing
7. Double right clicks from Finder enable to open the player
Please update your KMPlayer Mac and enjoy using it! 

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KMPlayer is updated with VR 360° function! []

Hello KMPlayer user! 

KMPlayer is updated with new features! Update Feature : 
- Added "VR 360º Video Play" function
- Fixed Language (Sinhalese)
- Changed "Use Alternative Texture in VMR9/Direct3D 8 " as default value

 WHHHAAAATTTT ? VR 360º Video Play ?!?!? 

Yes! That  VR 360º video you know! and..
 Yes! KMPlayer now supports that video! 

Okay, basic question! 
What's VR is ?
VR is an acronym of Virtual Reality.

And VR 360 degree video?  
a video shows all angles (360 degree - front/back/right/left side! ), 
not limited to a front side!  

Then, let's see what a new VR function on KMPlayer is ! 

Oh! please note that KMPlayer VR360 feature works normally only your 360 VR video file which means video is taken by a 360 VR supported device is opened.

Once you open the updated KMPlayer, 
you see there's a [VR] icon is newly added on the original KMplayer skin.  

Open your video file and click on the [VR] icon, 

 Your mode is changed as Normal mode 

Or you can change this mode from settings option as well.

Right Click - VR 360 Video Play - View Mode - 01. Normal 

This is the basic & optimized mode for 360 VR video 

Once you set your mode as Normal, 
by dragging your mouse on the screen, you can move the view point. 
Check out below video: 

Not only Normal mode, but KMPlayer also supports Little Planet mode.
When you click on the [VR] icon again, 
it is changed to second mode : Little Planet. 

 This mode shows the video like an alive planet. 

 This mode can be set from settings option as well. 
Right Click - VR 360 Video Play - View Mode - 02. Little Planet 

As I mentioned above, if you want to see the video from every angle, 
you need to drag the mouse by yourself. 

However, you can also turn on the "auto" mode. 

Right Click - VR 360 Video Play - Auto Romtation - Auto (On/Off)

 Your Auto rotation mode is on ! 

 You can also select the direction and the speed of the rotation by yourself 

Right Click - VR 360 Video Play - Auto Rotation - Direction / speed setting 

Once your auto rotation setting is done, you can see your file is playing as below video : 

 You can also make Reverse mode by clicking on
Right Click - VR 360 Video Play - Reverse Mode 
 Your Reverse Mode is on. 
From the Normal mode, it is upside down. 

 Once you change the mode as Little Planet from the reverse mode, 
you see the earth and the sky are opposite. 

When you turn off the reverse mode, 
your file comes back as original planet mode.  

 Last setting from VR mode is "Keep current settings". 
Right Click - VR 360 Video Play - Keep Current Settings.

When you turn on "Keep current settings", the same settings are applied to other 360 vr files (However, if you close KMPlayer and reopen the file, your settings will be reset)

Like this! 
I open a different video file and Little Planet Mode remains. 

360 VR function is amazing! 
With this function, virtual reality is now available on KMPlayer :) 

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KMPlayer - what is Normalizer ?

Hello KMP users ! 

Today I'd like to introduce you one of the important features in KMPlayer! 

It's called "Normalizer"
I guess you have heard of this word before but never know what exactly normalizer is !

That is why I'm here for ya :) 

When you play your video file on KMPlayer without turning on "Normalizer", the audio is read as the original volume of the video file. 

If I set my PC volume as 15 as you see the screenshot and open a video file, I can hardly hear the sound of the file. 

However, when I turn on Normalizer function as
Right click - Audio - Normalizer 
I see the audio volume becomes louder. 

This Normalizer function enables to balance the file's audio volume equivalent to device's volume set. 

KMPlayer automatically tune the file's audio volume according to PC setting. 

For example, if your PC volume is set 50, KMPlayer automatically tune the file's volume as 50 accordingly. 

Of course this setting is default value that you don't need set by yourself,
but if you didn't know the exact function of Normalizer, this posting will help you understand :) 

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