Tuesday, April 19, 2022

[ KMPlayer & KMPlex ] Using MBL

Introducing MBL!

MBL is a MovieBloc token.

MovieBloc is an online streaming platform for independent and short films based on blockchain. 

MovieBloc Token (MBL) is the cryptocurrency used for all economic activities on MovieBloc.


Use MBL!

▶ You can trade it at cryptocurrency exchanges!

MBL is listed in many domestic and overseas cryptocurrency exchanges.

You can trade and liquidate MBL on various exchanges.

Listed exchanges: Binance, Bithumb, UPbit, Coinone, Gate.io, and more

▶ Watch movies on MovieBloc!

You can watch various movies including short films, animated movies, and documentaries by making purchases with MBL.

Deposit MLB (Deposit address)

▶ Deposit MBL to exchanges

You can deposit MBL to cryptocurrency exchanges where MBL is listed.

After signing up as a member for the exchange, deposit MBL by following the below steps!

Earn MBL coins from KMPlex!

Thank you.

[ KMPlayer & KMPlex ] “It's a pleasure to meet you!” Event

Hi everyone, This is KMPlayer.

We are happy to announce the release of KMPlex, 

a new service you can experience through KMPlayer!

To celebrate the release of KMPlex, we will be holding the event, 

“It's a pleasure to meet you!"

▶ Event period: Until the allotted event product quantity runs out! (So you’d better hurry!)

▶ Event details:

     - Earn triple the points when earning points with KMPlex through KMPlayer!

     - Receive 100,000 points when activating wallet on KMPlex!

     - The exchange requirements are significantly lower when exchanging coins on KMPlex!

▶ Eligible participants: All members who have activated their wallets on KMPlex

    * The event period may be changed later according to KMPlex’s circumstances.

We look forward to your attention and participation♥

Thank you.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

[ KMPlayer APP ] KMPlayer supports Home Mode!

Tips for using KMPlayer APP #HomeMode

For users' convenient use of KMPlayer, 

we are the KMPlayer team who are thinking about various UIs, themes, and modes!

The function I'm going to introduce today is [Home Mode].

KMPlayer supports a total of two home modes!

PAGE MODE helps you access various functions easily.

TAB MODE helps manage many lists easily.

Let me introduce these two modes.

< How to change Home Mode >

After clicking the 'Home Screen Setting' icon at the top of the home screen, it can be changed in MODE.


In PAGE MODE, functions and storage are listed as respective icons, 

so you can move to the corresponding function and storage page with a single touch. 


In TAB MODE, it is useful for list management as KMPlayer default mode.

Internal/external storage is divided by folder, and cloud or favorites are listed as a list.

In this posting, we introduced KMPlayer [Home Mode].

Please use [Home Mode] a lot from now on!

Enjoy videos with KMPlayer APP!

Thank you.

▼ KMPlayer HomePage ▼


▼ KMPlayer Andorid ▼


▼ KMPlayer iOS ▼


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

[ KMPlayer APP ] Video Player KMPlayer, Global 1 day download Achieved 1Million!

KMPlayer team came with good news!

The KMPlayer app has achieved 1 million downloads per day globally!

Since the renewal of the KMPlayer app in February 2020, 

we have communicated with users and created KMPlayer together.

Through reviews full of users' interest and love, 

new features have been updated or existing functions have improved more.

And now users from various countries around the world are meeting KMPlayer.

This happy news is all thanks to your interest and love!

Thank you very much!

We will continue to be a KMPlayer full of fun and emotion!

Thank you.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

[ MovieBloc ] MBL Giveaway Log in Event!


In this post, we introduce the MovieBloc event.

Move to MovieBloc >>

MBL Giveaway Log in Event!

If you log in to MovieBloc,

100 users will randomly be selected per day for free MBL for $1 USD worth

 Event Date 

August 17th, 2021 ~ November 24th 2021, 

100 days

(Log in time based on UTC)

 How to participate in the event 

When you log in to MovieBloc, 

you automatically participate in the event.

 Winner announcement schedule 

Announcement at 5 a.m. on the following day and giving at 6 a.m.

(based on UTC)

For more details, you can visit below link

Read More

Thank you!

Go to MovieBloc login!

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

[ KMPlayer ] Buy KMPlayer team a coffee.

KMPlayer provide high-quality video players like KMPlayer, 64X, android, ios.

Products by KMPlayer

  • KMPlayer : KMPlayer is a world-renowned multimedia player that can play movies, dramas, music, and other content with an average of 1.5 billion plays a month.
  • KMPlayer 64X : KMPlayer 64X is a player optimized for high-end PCs such as 8K and 60FPS.
  • KMPlayer for Mobile : HD video player that can support smartphones and tablets, and play up to 4k, 8k UHD video quality.
  • KMP for Mobile : KMP is video player which is the light and easy one that can be played in anytime.

Please be a supporter of KMPlayer team.


We are doing our best to develop with heartful mind for KMPlayer might be with your best time.

If you satisfied with our proud product, why don’t you buy us a coffee?

That coffee you buy help us to concentrate on develop and be a encouragement and praise.


Sponsorship will be use for as belows.

    • Operation fee
    • Server & website compensation
    • Translate fee for Global users
    • Device purchase cost for environment test
    • Office maintenance cost
    • PR fee


A cup of coffee’ Value is enough.

   Buy Me A Coffee

Please be a translation volunteer for KMPlayer.

KMPlayer's translation volunteers help KMPlayer cross language and borders.

Translation volunteers create KMPlayer together by translating or reviewing KMPlayer's text.

If you want to be a translation volunteer for KMPlayer, feel free to contact the KMPlayer team.

KMPlayer Team's email : support@kmplayer.com

Please build together for better KMPlayer.

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

[ KMPlayer 64X ] Let's play neatly without a control box!




Do you like watching game-related content while playing games?

Do you like watching movies while doing other things on your computer?

Do you like taking notes on your computer while listening to video lectures?

If so, here's a tip for KMPlayer 64X!


The tip I'm going to introduce this time is [ Default Control Autohide mode ]!

If you use this mode, the top and bottom control boxes are hidden.


STEP 1 ) Click [ Right mouse button > View > Default Control Autohide mode ].

STEP 2 ) Confirm that [ Default Control Autohide mode ] is applied.

Please use the [ Default Control Autohide mode ] function of KMPlayer 64X a lot.

Thank you.