KMPlayer 64X New Update! Ver.2019.05.8.05


What will Kimi tell you today?

Today's story is  kmplayer 64X Update!

Let's start the new KMPlayer 64X story!

1. New UI/UX

It's a completely new design!

The icon is also perfect.

2. Quick button for users

( Decode Change ) 
Click to change software decoding and hardware decoding easily!

( Subtitled Track )
Click to change the subtitle track easily!

( Audio track )
Click to change the audio track easily!

3. Enhanced Capture Function

Just click on the icon to save the capture image!

How do I check my saved image?
Mouse right button > Option > Capture!

4. Update List

UI/UX Improvement

Support High-resolution monitor UI/UX(4K, UHD, etc.)
Added UI image enlarging function according to DPI information
Added 3D Quick Menu
Added Capture Quick Menu
Added HW / SW decoding quick menu
Added audio track quick menu
Added subtitle track quick menu
Added control bar tooltip
Added video capture option
Improved Playlist Border Line
Fixed the problem that Music player button malfunction
Fixed the problem that the update date check box can not be saved.
URL download engine update

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