[KMPlex]Let's Play! Watch To Earn, Play To Earn~ (‘∀’●)♡


Hello. this is the KMPlayer team.

To provide more benefits to KMPlayer users, we are offering a super simple way to earn rewards.

We have launched a new service that allows you to collect points simply by playing all kinds of media on KMPlayer.

Watch to Earn, Play to Earn! Let's make it happen!

Enjoy the video, YouTube, and music playback to collect points and earn money.

Let's Play! It's Plex.

1. Video Play!!

    - Earn Points by viewing your video lecture files, language lecture files, movie files, and camera recording files.

2. Youtube Play!!

    - Earn Points while enjoying the videos and music you want by searching on YouTube.

3. Music Play!!

    - Earn Points by listening to your language files and music files.

When you play media, you can accumulate 4 points per second and collect up to 5,000 points for each play. Collecting points and exchanging them for MBL or CBK

4. Receive an additional bonus Points payment upon completing all plays.

    - If you have earned Points by completing Video Play, YouTube Play, and Music Play, try to earn additional bonuses.

    - We will give you 5,000 Points.

5. Benefit?!

     - You can earn up to 20,000 Points per day.

     - Points can be exchanged for MBL or CBK which can be cashed out.

6. Update on Play Point Rewards and Withdrawals.

     - Withdrawal of play points is available 7 days after the accumulation date

     - Due to internal regulations, immediate withdrawal after accumulation is not possible, so please keep this in mind.

What if you consistently collect points for 30 days? Wow, you can earn 600,000 points!

The newly revised policy will take effect as of February 24th, UTC+10

※ The Points policy may be subject to change according to the company's circumstances.

PS : 

KMPlayer's reward service, KMPlex, was created to provide additional rewards (Points, points) to existing users who love multimedia playback functions such as video and audio.

The KMPlayer team is working tirelessly to provide users with increasingly diverse rewards; this commitment will not change.

We plan to add more features to provide users with even more diverse and rewarding experiences.

We are committed to providing you with more useful services.

Thank you so much.

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