KMPlayer provides wing service [ Korea Top 100 ]

Hello KMP users ! 

Today I'd like to introduce KMPlayer's wing service which shows KoreaTop100 platform! 
When you open KMPlayer, you'll see KoreaTop100 platform is automatically opened together as a wing of KMPlayer.

Korea Top 100 platform provides a variety of Korean contents by each channel as well as the ranking of the content daily/weekly/monthly ! 

This is what you see! 
When you click one video,  

 You'll see the video is playing right away without popping up another internet page. 

You can enlarge the screen by clicking the icon as I mark. 
Your playing video is shown behind your player. 

You can also return to the original screen by clicking minimizing icon. 

With this platform, you can see four tabs : Top100 / hot / new / channel 

 When I click channel, you can see all the content providers' channel. 

I choose one of the channels and I can see the list of the content of that channel. 

You can also change your language settings on your right top corner. 
I change my language to English.  

 All the texts are changed to English!  
Wow! What a global platform! :) 

 When you think this wing disturbs you watching your video on KMPlayer, 
Click the button as I mark! This button is an option to open/close the wing. 

 SEE ?
The wing is hidden! 

If you want to re-open the wing, you can click the button again. 

Unfortunately this wing service is only provided in Korea. 
However, we hope to provide this useful service for other countries near future as well! 

If you want to see further contents of KoreaTop100, 
you can visit to KoreaTop100(http://100.pandora.tv/) website! 

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KMPlayer update ( feature

Hello KMP users ! 

KMPlayer (pc) is updated! 
Please download the latest updated version of KMPlayer  ! 

and please find below for the updated log :

Update feature:
- Fixed message box logic caused by codec error
- Fixed format connection message box 
- Changed default value not to use "Restore (system tray)if video playback is started from a file manager"
- Changed playback control value "10" to "50" 
- Fixed unstable "FTP open" connection and other errors
- Fixed logic : TopMost and zOrder

Thank you for using KMPlayer! 

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KMPlayer for Mac Update [0.1.8]

Hello KMP Mac users! 

KMPlayer Mac version is updated.

New update log [0.1.8]
1. Snapshot feature added
- Video function -> Capture -> Screen Capture
- Capture is available by Key frame unit

2. .srt subtitle format supported
smile 이모티콘

Have a great day!

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Effective setting for practicing choreography on KMPlayer! [Mirror mode/Speed control / Phase repeat]

Hello KMP users! 

I'm back with a new post on KMPlayer PC version! 

You know mobile KMP app supports mirror mode [reverse mode] , speed control, phase repeat, etc. which are very useful when you practice choreography ! 

These useful settings are also supported on KMP Windows PC version! 

KMP PC version has various options and I totally understand that it is quite hard to find and enjoy all these options. 

BUT! That is why I'm here for you!!! :) 

Let me start with the <mirror mode> !
When you practice a choreography by watching a dance video, 
setting as mirror mode is the basic of the basic! 

Right click - [Video(Basic)] - [Mirror Image]  
 Mirror mode is on! 

Next setting is <Speed Control>! 
 Right Click - [Playback] - [Fast] / [Slow] 

 One [Fast] /[Slow] click controls your speed by 5%. 
As you click several times of speed control button, you'll see your playback speed gets faster/slower! 

Next is<Phase Repeat> option.  
Right click - [Playback] - [A-B Section Repeat] - [Set starting point A] 
As soon as you click [Set starting point A],  
your playing scene is set as A point right away. 

 Like this! 
And to set ending point, 
[Playback] - [A-B Section Repeat] - [Set ending point B]  

As soon as you set the ending point, 
your phase repeat is automatically applied! 

 If you want to stop your phase repeat, go to
[Playback] - [A-B Section Repeat] - [On/Off] 

 Now your section repeat is off. 

 You can also change other repeating options by opening a setting box. 
 [Playback] - [A-B Section Repeat] - [A-B repeat dialog box] 

You see this control box !
Here, you can edit your repeating section, repeating times, time section, etc. 
For example, repeating time is setting as 1000 times as a default value.  
However, I don't think we need that much of scenes repeated,
thus I will change to 5 times on Normal repeat! 

Then your phase will be repeated only 5 times and played for next scene when the 5 times of repeat is done. 

Today's post is focusing on the features that seem useful when you practice choreography !

Hope you can enjoy your dance video with KMPlayer and its useful features! 

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Play a video by connecting your cloud on KMPlayer!

Hello KMP users! 

Today's posting is about a useful feature of 
KMP application for both iOS and Android! 

KMP app is very useful for playing a video file wherever you are! 

But, some users might face one big problem, 
"The storage of your phone"

If your phone does not have enough storage (such as my phone which is 16GB), adding 2~3GB video file on your phone is hardly thinkable. 

HOWEVER, without adding a video file on your phone, 
you can still enjoy your video file on KMPlayer 
with the feature of "CLOUD CONNECT" 

This Could connect system is available for both iOS and Android, 
the type of available cloud is a bit different though!

Then, let's see how we can use cloud system on KMPlayer!


When you see the main page of your app, 
you see [Cloud] icon on your folder tab. 
Click [Cloud] !  

You see four different options for your cloud! 
KMP Connect, Google Drive, Dropbox, and FTP.  

 KMP Connect is a file sharing program developed by KMPlayer. 
If you already have KMP connect on your PC, 
you can send your video file from your PC to Mobile. 

 Second option is a Google Drive
When you click [Google Drive] icon, you can log in with your google ID and your available files are automatically listed. 

Same as Google Drive, you can log in your Dropbox with your Dropbox ID and your available files are automatically listed.  

And finally, input your FTP information and save the info, you'll be connected. 


Android cloud connecting system is almost same as iOS! 

Menu tab - [Cloud Service] 

Unlike iOS, Android only supports 
KMP Connect and Google Drive 

Every step is same as I explained above! 
When you log in your Google Drive, 

You see your files which can be played on KMPlayer are listed! 

You need to remember that when you use cloud service on KMPlayer, 
your phone should be connected to data/wifi ! 

hope you can enjoy your KMP app with all these wonderful features! 


How to bookmark your favorite scenes of the video on KMPlayer ?

Hello KMP users ! 

Today I wanna introduce you another useful feature on KMPlayer !


I guess you all have your <movie of life> at least one! 
And you also have your particularly favorite scene for that movie!

This bookmark enables to remember the scenes you mark while playing the video and to go back those scenes whenever you want. 

I'll show you how to bookmark the scenes right now :)

Open a file first 
Right click -  [Bookmarks/Chapter] - [Add to bookmarks]

 As soon as you add your bookmark, you see the list of your bookmarks 

 You can add any scene as a bookmark 

 As your bookmark is added, your history of bookmark appears as you see the screenshot.  

Also, you see the small white dots on your playback bar.
These dots mark your bookmarked scenes! 

 Once you set your bookmarks, your bookmark history remains. 
Thus you can open your bookmark scenes while you are playing other file.
Right click -  [Bookmarks/Chapter] - find your video file name which you already bookmarked 
Once you click one of your history,
the bookmarked scene (even a different file from the file you are playing) is automatically read and opened. 

 Since your bookmark history remains even when you turn off your KMPlayer, 
you can edit these on setting option
Right Click - [Bookmarks/Chapter] - [Edit Bookmarks] 

 You can add or delete here   or...

You can even edit the title of bookmark.
Editing the title of bookmark makes you much easier to find the scenes you want. 

See the bookmark title is changed as I edited! 


Hope you like bookmark setting and enjoy this feature! 

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