KMPlayer February Event SignUp for new user


KMPlayer February Event

We are launching a February new event - SignUp for new user

Event Period: February 5th to February 18th (2 weeks)

Participants: 100 new users who download KMPlayer and complete registration on KMPlex (selected by lottery)

Event Prize: Additional 50,000 points

Date of Distribution: Within one week after the end of the event

Event Participation Criteria: Register a friend code (1d90e3cb) when signing up for KMPlex + automatically participates in the event by completing at least one mission in "Earn unlimited" during the event period.

※ To increase your chances of winning: Complete multiple missions in "Earn unlimited" click 'Like' and share event posts on KMPlayer's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Please refer to the detailed instructions below.

Event Participation Method 1 - Download KMPlayer and connect to KMPlex.

If you click on the link https://fb.kmplex.com/dlink/7jVa on your mobile device, you can download the app.

Event Participation Step 2 - Register the friend code (1d90e3cb) when signing up.

Please register the friend code 1d90e3cb when signing up for membership. (You cannot participate in the event without registering a friend code.)

Event Participation Step 3 - Complete the "Unlimited Earnings" mission at least once.

To participate in the event, complete at least one offer wall mission by selecting your preferred option among Amethyst in "Earn unlimited."

※ The more missions you complete, the higher your chances of winning.

※ Ways to increase your chances of winning ※

Complete various Amethyst missions in "Unlimited Earnings" to increase your winning probability!!

Like and share the event posts on:

Twitter - 

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=789350166546472&set=a.554062433408581

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/p/C29TxxUPG5B/

⚠️ If new users join an event using an illegal way KMPlayer retrieve all the points without notice.


Social Media Login Service Open


Sign in with Social Media

Now using Social media you can create a wallet quickly and easily

Sign in with Google

Google, etc using Social media just simply click and create a wallet faster

(※ Facebook, Apple etc, will be added soon)

No more complex sign-up, just one click and complete create wallet

KMPlex service

After creating a wallet go to Moneyplex and enjoy various entertainments. and don’t miss the point rewards.

Point to MBL or CBK exchange

More play and more get points, use them to exchange MBL or CBK and making money.

Point to exchange gift card, using 63 countries

If you want to use point in real life, exchange them for a gift card. We support various options including Amazon, Starbucks, Tesco, COSTA, Google Play, and more in 63 countries.

※ Service may be changed according to the circumstances of the company.

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