[ KMPlayer APP ] KMPlayer supports Home Mode!

Tips for using KMPlayer APP #HomeMode

For users' convenient use of KMPlayer, 

we are the KMPlayer team who are thinking about various UIs, themes, and modes!

The function I'm going to introduce today is [Home Mode].

KMPlayer supports a total of two home modes!

PAGE MODE helps you access various functions easily.

TAB MODE helps manage many lists easily.

Let me introduce these two modes.

< How to change Home Mode >

After clicking the 'Home Screen Setting' icon at the top of the home screen, it can be changed in MODE.


In PAGE MODE, functions and storage are listed as respective icons, 

so you can move to the corresponding function and storage page with a single touch. 


In TAB MODE, it is useful for list management as KMPlayer default mode.

Internal/external storage is divided by folder, and cloud or favorites are listed as a list.

In this posting, we introduced KMPlayer [Home Mode].

Please use [Home Mode] a lot from now on!

Enjoy videos with KMPlayer APP!

Thank you.

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