[KMPlex] Swap Policy Updated(07.05.2023)


Hello KMPlayer's Support, This is KMPlayer Team.

Please check KMPlex's New updated content below.

· Authentication based on the SIM card
(Create New Wallet, Use Point, Login Verification)

· To Prevent Illegal User,
Prohibition on withdrawal of Other users registered wIthdrawal Address

· Revision of [Extra Saving Rewards]
Who joined with your Invitation Code, Activate a wallet and has been illegally suspended,
Excluded from your Extra Saving benefit.

· Earn points,

[Point Exchange] is possible 7 days after points are accumulated.

(e.g. point acquire day Jan.1 --> Jan.8 point exchange is allowed)

· Changes to the point exchange method;

      Can be exchanged once a day.

      In some countries, only users with Level 3 or higher are allowed to make withdrawals, and you can check the withdrawal eligibility level on [Use points] screen

​· When changing ADID and IDFA twice,

       Show automatic admin alerts

· When changing ADID 3 times,

       Automatic wallet account suspension processing

· Change the wallet import method, only on the same OS( Android <-> Android, iOS <-> iOS)

👉 The policy may be changed according to the circumstances of the company. 👍


KMPlayer team always put a lot of effort for offer various rewards.

We'll continue to make efforts to form a virtuous cycle structure that benefits everyone.

Thank you for always showing your support.

KMPlayer Team will work hard to show you everything from now on.

Best Regards,

KMPlayer team.

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