KMPlex - Media Playback Rewards Points are Coming!

Hello, it's the KMPlayer team.

Introducing KMPlayer's Media Playback Rewards Points, which have already received much love from many users!

Did you know that you can earn up to 15,000 points per day just by watching videos, YouTube, and listening to audio, excluding the bonus random points worth 5,000 points?


To provide even more benefits than other crypto app services, our KMPlayer team is constantly brainstorming new items.


Today, we would like to inform you about some policy changes regarding the Media Playback Rewards Points that will be implemented in the upcoming update.


First, the provided monetary benefits remain the same.

We will continue to offer 15,000P per day, as well as a maximum of 5,000P in random points.


-       Video Playback: Earn rewards while watching videos, lectures, movies, etc., on your phone.

-       YouTube Playback: Earn rewards by watching desired food videos, vlogs, reviews, and more using the in-app YouTube search feature.

-       Music Playback: Earn rewards while enjoying music, language learning content, ASMR, and more from your phone.


Second, now you can earn rewards without reaching the full 5,000P!

Good news for those who used to wait until they reached 5,000P before acquiring points. From now on, you can earn 100P each time you reach 100P.


Third, we have revamped the UI for a cleaner and more user-friendly experience.

We have introduced a gauge bar for video, YouTube and music playback, displaying the accumulated rewards for the day. Additionally, we have included the remaining points, which can be converted in increments of 100P, making it easier to check at a glance.


Please also take a moment to read the following policies that are still in effect.

[Media Playback Rewards Points Withdrawal Guidelines]


Point withdrawals can be made 7 days after the accrual date.

Please note that immediate withdrawals after accrual may not be possible due to internal policy.

※ The updated policy will be effective as of May 30th, UTC+0.

※ These points policies are subject to change based on the company's circumstances.

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Announcement: CBK 10% Additional Bonus Event Closure

Dear Customer this is the KMPlayer team.

The event where an additional 10% is given when withdrawing with CBK points will be ending as of May 31st.

Customers who wish to receive the additional 10% bonus for CBK points must exchange their points before the event ends

We have successfully concluded the CBK 10% additional bonus event, which lasted for approximately six months starting from December 2022. Thanks to the overwhelming support from our customers, the event has been a great success

We would like to express our gratitude once again to all the customers who participated in the event during this period. Thank you so much for your support.

We look forward to seeing you again with even better events in the future.

Thank you. 


New Update: Bingo Game

We’ve got some exciting news to share from the KMPlex team!

We’re thrilled to introduce our new Bingo Challenge!

Every month, you’ll have the chance to complete various missions and explore KMPlex to earn up to 14,500 points.

Don’t worry if you find it difficult to complete the Bingo mission. You can use your points to shuffle the missions and give yourself a better chance at Bingo! And if you’re really struggling, you can even use our “Eraser” feature to automatically complete a mission for you.

We want you to have fun with our new Bingo Challenge while enjoying all the rewards KMPlex offers. So what are you waiting for? Come on over to KMPlex and join in on the Bingo Challenge!

※ Service may be changed according to the circumstances of the company.

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New Update: Sharing via Wi-Fi (wireless file transfer) feature - Android, iOS Available

Hello, this is the KMPlayer team.

We introduce a new Sharing via Wi-Fi feature in KMPlayer, which is a wireless file transfer feature that makes it much easier to transfer video and music files from a PC to KMPlayer.

Previously, users had to use the wired connection and file transfer method provided by each mobile operating system in order to transfer files from their PC to KMPlayer. Now, with the new Sharing via Wi-Fi feature, users can easily transfer their files by simply entering an address into the internet browser.

The method for using Sharing via Wi-Fi (wireless file transfer) feature is as follows:

1. Connect the same Wi-Fi to your phone and PC

2. Activate the Sharing via Wi-Fi feature in the KMPlayer app

3. Approve folder access permission

4. Confirm the IP address and port number that has been issued

5. Execute the internet browser on your PC and enter the IP address and port number in the address bar

    (※ The wireless file transfer feature is optimized for the Chrome browser. Please use Chrome browser.)

6. Transfer files from PC to mobile or download files from mobile to PC.

※ Please note that to use the Sharing via Wi-Fi feature, both the PC and mobile must be connected to the same wireless network.

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※ Service may be changed according to the circumstances of the company.

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