Introducing KMPlex UI/UX update

Hi users this is KMPlex

In this 33.11.092 update version, our UI / UX are better improved previous version.

Changes to the Home Screen

The information about the grades I have acquired and the points history has been improved for a clear overview on the home screen. The user interface has been enhanced to easily display various important notifications and promotion conditions.

Additionally, through the "Use Points" button, you can utilize the points you have earned, and with the "Money Box," you can check transaction history, detailed grade information, and item acquisition details.

Guidance on Various Point Accumulation Methods

Guidance is provided on various methods to accumulate points, including the "Daily Collection" offered by KMPlex, where you can collect points daily through activities such as roulette, bingo, and media viewing.

Through "Unlimited Earning," you can enjoy a variety of entertainment, including games, shopping, and app installations, to accumulate points as much as you desire via various offers.

Improvements to Point History

Using the "Use" menu, you can easily check your current points and upcoming points to be accrued. Furthermore, you can use the points you possess through various gift card exchanges such as Naver Pay, CU, and MBL or CBK exchanges.

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  1. Value in game to low not after a week leter

  2. The UI become more neat, and the loading become faster. But sadly there are no profitable offer available. Most if not all the in-game purchase are lesser than the points reward offered. The other offer are not worth the effort.

  3. khurramsajjad581@gmail.com