[Notice] Temporary Suspension of MBL Token Withdrawals

Hello KMPlex's Support, This is KMPlex Team.

We've temporarily suspended withdrawals of MBL Token,
Due to system stabilization to provide better environment.

- During the withdrawal suspension period,
temporarily suspended withdrawals of MBL Token.

- [withdrawal suspension period],
You can earn Mission complete Reward, as usual.

The inspection schedule is approximately 7days the longest.
And, We'll complete its works as soon as possible.

When It's Finished, We'll notify you again.
Please refer to the information below

1. Task : System Stabilization
2. Progress Schedule : From 1 July 2022 to July 8 2022
(7days the longest)
3. Checklist : Temporarily suspended withdrawals of MBL Token


Sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate the understanding, Thanks.

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