[Completed] Temporary Suspension of MBL Token Withdrawals

Hello KMPlex's Support, This is KMPlex Team.
We finnaly Completed System Stabilization task.

Sorry to Our KMPlex's Support to have kept you waiting,
And, Thank you for waiting for us.

Please check KMPlex's New updated content below.

· Authentication based on the SIM card
(Create New Wallet, Use Potint, Login Verification)

· To Prevent Illegal User,
Prohibition on withdrawal of Other users registered wIthdrawal Address

· Revision of [Extra Saving Rewards]
Who joined with your Invitation Code, Activate a wallet and has been illegally suspended,
Excluded from your Extra Saving benefit.
*[Extra Saving Rate] will be readjusted at the day after UTC +01:00.
  a. If you create a new account, You must wait 7 days after can Exchange with Crypto.
  b. When you Exchange with Cryptom, You  must wait 7 days after can Exchange with Crypto.

· Suspend Fraudulent user own Wallet Account

· Change the wallet import method, only on the same OS( Android <-> Android, iOS <-> iOS)


Depending on each [Earn Point] channel, Please check the Terms of Use once again.
(e.g. join in the mission, accomplished mission)

If Some user haven't accomplished mission or malignant shopper,
we'll suspend correspondence user own Wallet Account and redeem Reward Points.

Please check the KMPlex Terms and Conditions for details.

In addition, existing as video and audio playeruser,

KMPlex launched for return benefit to our user purposes.

KMPlex team always put a lot of effort for offer various rewards.
We'ill continue to make efforts to form a virtuous cycle structure that benefits everyone.

Thank you for always showing your support.
KMPlex Team will work hard to show you everything from now on.

Best Regards,
KMPlayer team.

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